These are Binder color adjustments according to customer requirements.

This applies to Binder model:

Jogger PRIME (combo)

“COMBO” refers to the color material combination
(each combo Binder has a three-word name in brackets for a better distinction – e.g. (Czech rebel flag).




Take a look at the colors by name and combine Jogger combo exactly according to you:

Further information

for the interested and curious ones:

Certainty of the correct selection

Before sending your Jogger COMBO to production, we’ll show you a preview – a graphic visualization for you to approve so you can get a clear idea of how your selected colors work together.

Two colors
to look at

The Jogger COMBO is specific in that it is two-color. On the outside, you can choose two different colors, while on the inside (where the zippers are placed), the fabric is always black.

Haven’t you found your combination?

 Never mind, just E-mail us and we’ll make it for you: