BINDER sport packs

a fanny pack size
backpack characteristics
benefits of both

the most comfortable
solution for runners
on the market

cell phone, keys, drink
on the T-shirt or under jacket
without limitations

Video – how Binder packs work:

New Arrivals

The new Jogger PRIME color models, just sewn, let’s put them on the counter.

Binder capacity

Clearance sale

The Pilot models of Binders 2017 more available than ever before.

Latest Reviews

Professional runners on the Běhej Srdcem (Running From The Heart) portal did probably the most thorough review of Binder on 11/9/2018.


Experienced reviewers have gone through many products, how is the Binder doing:

They’ve been testing for us

We want Binders to be 100% functional, so we are pretty strict!

René RUN Kujan

marathoner, ultra-marathoner, press

„If you’re still smiling after 70 kilometers, it’s because of Binder Jogger!“

Jan Honzík

BOOTCAMP Team Trainer, Predator Workout Liberec

„Hi Martin. Konger’s been tested in the toughest conditions. Reporting it’s survived undamaged, so did the cell phone. I had absolutely no idea I was wearing it. It didn’t chafe nor hinder.“

Jan Venca Francke

ultra-marathon, triathlon, extreme sports

„It was okay for a short one-hour run. A pleasant material, good to turn from the back to chest. Everything’s clear and easily accessible.“


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